• Basic Timing System
  • Gen7 Legacy Timer
  • Training Keyboard
  • ChampStart Start System
  • Tripod
  • Infinity Start System
  • External Speaker
  • Lane Speaker & Cable
  • Cable Harness
  • Touchpad
  • Touchpad Caddy
  • Back Up Button

Colorado Basic Touchpad System

A Basic Touchpad Timing System is made of a number of components, these include Gen7 Timer, Touchpads, a Starting System, Cables, Back up Buttons and with or without a Scoreboard. These systems are designed based your needs and you may need additional equipment. This is not an add-on if you have a Dolphin Wireless Timing System. This is a separate System altogether.

Gen7 Legacy Timer
The Gen7 Timer is an input / output centre that receives input signals from devices like Touchpads, Back-Up Buttons and Starting devices. It allows control over all the devices in the system and outputs to devices like Scoreboards, clocks and data recording devices. A Windows® laptop or tablet is required as the primary user interface, with Ethernet connectivity to the timer. The Gen7 Legacy Timer is compatible with both in-deck and on-deck systems up to 12 lanes & allows you to fully utilise your existing CTS equipment with ease & accuracy. All timing data is logged and saved on the Gen7 Timer. Any issues with the user interface (laptop or tablet) are recoverable. The timer will continue running and will finish a race without the user interface. Integrated pre-meet diagnostic screen to check system set up and health, eliminating the need to set up a test race in the system.
New diagnostic tools allows the detection of possible connection issues throughout the timing system.

New features & technology has been added including: • Intuitive software interface, • Flexible user interface options, • Facility network connectivity, • Enhanced diagnostics, • Flexible user interface options, • Race finish safeguard, • Integrated 2.4GHz wireless to scoreboards

The Gen7 legacy timer incorporates the latest technology with all of the key features you have come to expect from your Colorado Time Systems Timing Console, including:
• Enhanced split handling,• Cumulative/subtractive splits, • Relay judging, • Start reaction display, • Up to 12 lane timing,
• Declare start/finish end, • Automatic lane arming, • Manual arm/finish arm, • Scoreboard cycling,
• Intelligent button time handling; backup time adjustment per governing rules, • Interface to 3rd party meet management software, • Indicate disqualified, no show, & exhibition swimmers, • User selectable resolution; timing to 1/100th or 1/1000th of a second, • Basic pace clock functionality

Training Keyboard
The Training Keyboard to help train operators on the Gen7 Legacy Timer. It simulates Touchpad and Button hits which means you do not have to set up the real touchpad, buttons, cable harnesses & starting systems to train operators. Operators can train anywhere.

Championship Start System
The Championship Start System (ChampStart) delivers rugged durability performance. A high-powered unit makes an excellent choice for larger aquatic facilities. It can drive 2 x 10W or up to 12 x 6W individual speakers mounted under starting platforms as well as RJP speedlights for visual start signal. It includes a wired microphone. Three separate microphone inputs, independent volume control for each microphone input. Microphone volume is independent of start tone volume. The built-in strobe flashes with start signal. Additional external strobe lights & be added. LED Low Battery Indicator shows battery level. Can be used with the Tripod. Championship Start System is preferred for using with Gen7 Legacy Timer.

Use the Tripod for Infinity, Championship Start systems, Portable Scoreboards & Pace / Shot Clocks. A mounting bracket is screwed to the starter unit with screws included. This allows quick removal and install onto the Tripod bracket with the use of thumbscrews. The Tripod is given sure footing with a rubber foot on each leg.

Infinity Start System
The Infinity Start System is an excellent entry level start system, if features a highly visible built in orange strobe light that automatically flashes as the horn sounds providing fair starts to hearing impaired athletes & a visual indicator for time keepers. A wired microphone included allows a limited public address to make announcements during practice & competitions. It has a false start recall feature that enables the starter to signal a false start and immediately alert competitors. The system is lightweight easy to use and portable. LED Low Battery Indicator shows battery level. If you have an Infinity you can use it on a Basic Touchpad System but will not be able to control Lane Speakers, Relay Judging Platforms Speedlights (RJP). It has a shorter battery life and can not be used on AC power.

External Speaker
Use the external speaker on the Infinity Start Systems or ChampStart when the pool is wide so competitors on the far side can hear the start. Use the speaker to extend the range of the public address. No additional power is required. The Infinity start system and ChampStart can power one external speaker. Note the end plug is different for the Champstart and Infinity. connectonThis can be used instead of Lane Speakers.

Lane Speakers & Harness
Lane Speakers are mounted at the starting blocks of each lane. They are connected to the in-deck systems using Deck Plates, Quick Connect Hubs or for on-deck systems using a Cable Harness that is connected to the ChampStart System.

Cable Harness
Used for on-deck systems to connect Touchpads, Back-Up Push Buttons & Relay Judging Platforms. Each connection can take up to two input devices. e.g. If using one cable harness you can connect one Touchpad & one Back-Up Push Button per lane per end. If you wish to have one Touchpad & three back-up push buttons per lane per end you will require one Cable Harness & one Back Up Harness Cable. Extension cables are required for far end timing. 6, 8, 10and 12 lane harnesses are available.

All Touchpads have an internal full face switch. Available in flat wall or gutter fitting. Gutter mount Touchpads are fitted with top edge switches. Most Touchpads are available with either standard or patented AquaGrip non-skid surface. All plastic construction and include a 3 metre cable with moulded connector. Less than 5vDC on deck power required (electronically isolated at the timer). Available in a range of sizes from 152 x 55 cm to 240 x 90 cm (W x H x 7.6 mm T)

Touchpad Caddy
Touchpads are precision electronic instruments that require protection. The Touchpad Caddy provides safe storage and a convenient means to transport your Touchpads to the pool deck. Accommodates up to ten Touchpads.

Push Button
Used as primary timing device in a basic cable system or as a back-up. Plugs into Cable Harness or Deck Plates or Quick Connect Hubs.

A Scoreboard can be added with many types to choose from. From Mini porable to Fixed full colour LED Video Displays.

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