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The primary reason for adding Chlorine to pool and spa water is to kill bacteria and secondly to oxidise organic contaminants.
Chlorine is the most effective and economic way method of achieving these goals. While maintaining constant levels of chlorine in the water will guarantee the absence of bacteria in the pool or spa water there is one area that may still harbor masses of bacteria.

The pipework that carries the water to and from the pool or spa may be covered with biofilm. Biofilm is the built up accumulation of oils, fats, organics and bacteria introduced into the water by bathers. Biofilm is also often evident on the surfaces of the pool walls and equipment (notice the scum line on the walls!). It is estimated that chlorine kills only about 1% of bacteria present in the pool, the other 99% is contained within the biofilm which remains unaffected by the chlorine.

Spas and Hot Tubs, by their very nature are breeding grounds for all types of bugs and pathogens. Bacteria love hot water and multiply much faster than in cold water.

Chlorine or bromine is ineffective in removing biofilm. The only methods of removing biofilm are by the application of Chlorine Dioxide or specific enzymes designed for biofilm removal.

Chlorine Dioxide is not only an ideal product for biofilm removal but will also kill any bacteria present. Regular treatment will prevent biofilm from forming keeping your pool or spa healthier for longer.

International Quadratics “Spa Solutions Biofresh Tablets” or “IQ Pool Solutions C5 Tablets” are the simplest method of creating chlorine dioxide in your pool or spa. The tablets are fast dissolving and foil wrapped. Simply peel the foil from the tablets and pop the tablet directly into the pool water or the spa skimmer.