• Therchlor Commercial 250 Chlorinator
  • Therchlor Commercial SMC500 Chlorinator

Therachlor Mineral Chlorinator - Commercial

Theralux Therachlor has a range of advanced mineral pool system for commercial swim centre pools.
Chlorination output from 250g/hr to 500g/hr. 

  • High performance electrochlorinators for intensive commercial exploitation and high capacity (public installations)
  • Waterproof high power performance switch modes, without forced ventilation
  • Electronics 316 in stainless steel insulated cabinet without air external ventilation, highly resistant to corrosive atmospheres. IP-65
  • Electronic current control
  • Temperature and water flow control
  • Includes external control with 4-20 mA
  • Prepared for industrial control by CAN or Profibus bus
  • Extended salinity range: 500 - 35.000 ppm
  • Compact mounting design with integrated cell & housing
  • Methacrylate electrodes cassette to ease inspection
  • Cell easily accessible and of a low maintenance
  • Electrodes of a low current density and long life: 20.000 hours
  • Includes software and electronics for the optional pH control
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Therachlor SMC250 Chlorinator
Therachlor SMC500 Chlorinator
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