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Starting Platform - SX-750 Series

The SX750 starting platforms are made of T316 polished stainless steel 38 mmø with a 500 mm x 500 mm non-slip pattern fibreglass top with numbers. The SX-750 platform is designed for a coping or concourse mounting. The rear legs can be lengthened if required. This platform is removable and when are not required can be safely stored away. The platforms have two adjustable feet with lock nuts to compensate for an uneven surface. 2 x 150 mm post sockets are sold separately.

When the platforms are not required they can be safely stored away. The platforms have two adjustable feet to compensate for an uneven surface. 2 x 150 mm post sockets sold separately.

Frame: Stainless Steel 38 mmø polished
Top: Fibreglass 500 mm x 500 mm
Height from coping: 400 mm

Which one is right for me - The starting platform must physically fit the coping / concourse. There is the coping height, coping width and water depth issues to address. Regulatory guidelines for competition and recreational swimming may also need to be observed. We can help choose the platform right for you. We need coping width, coping height from concourse, coping height from water level and water depth before we can recommend a platform that will suit your requirements.

Removable - Two legs are 150 mm longer which allows them to sit into the post socket that are core drilled and glued into the coping / concourse. The other two legs have adjustable feet with lock nuts fitted.

Delivery Time - This item is subject to availability.

Starting Platform SX-750 - Removable
Deck Socket suit SX-750 (Two required per block)
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