• Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Side
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Front
  • Swimplex SX-50 Diver
  • Swimplex SX-50 Trackstart
  • Swimplex SX-50 Top Deck
  • Swimplex SX-50 Trackstart
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Side
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Front/Side
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Rear
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Rear/Side
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block - Rear/Side
  • Swimplex SX-50 Starting Block Cover
  • Good Design Award® Winner 2020

Starting Platform - SX-50

SX-50 Starting Platform is a high performance swimming has seen many technological advances in recent years but the key component of the race has remained untouched in decades. The Starting Block!

The Swimplex SX-50 Starting Platform is a next generation swimming block completely redesigned from the ground up.

Introducing carbon fibre to the pool environment for the first time, the SX-50 combines a patented innovation such as a locking sliding system and integrated ergonomic handle and a customised rubber deck.

Good Design® Award Winner.
The Australian Good Design Awards continues a long and proud legacy of showcasing the very best in design and innovation to a global audience. The Awards are one of the longest-running international design awards, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.

Good Design Chicago Award Winner.
The Good Design Chicago is the world's oldest and most recognised program for design excellence and design innovation worldwide since 1950.

Bringing the humble swimming block into the 21st century, the SX-50 improves usability for the athletes whilst providing a sleek, strong and cost effective platform that can withstand harsh combinations of chemicals and sun and the demands of competitive sports.

The SX-50’s function is elegant in its simplicity: the starting block provides swimmers with the best possible start to their stroke. It has been designed with great care and expertise to significantly improve usability of starting blocks for athletes in competitive sports.

The customised rubber deck provides a non-slip, stable platform for swimmer’s starting positions. Tremendous effort has been made to provide an intuitive, ergonomic handle that greatly assists users in setting up for advanced strokes, as well entering or exiting the water.

Non-Slip Rubber Over Mould Platform
The starting block’s arsenal of innovations have all been designed to rigorous FINA standards. One of the most important is it’s customised rubber over mould platform: this durable cover tightly grips the feet of swimmers to avoid slippage, even after hours of swimming. A smooth guided adjustable track start provides the sturdy, stable base from which athletes can launch their next personal best.

Highly Resistant Wear And Tear
The durable nature of carbon fibre means that the SX-50 will outlast other starting blocks on the market by a long margin. In fact, this starting block is uniquely designed to withstand pool chemicals. such as chlorine or salt, that would otherwise eat away at lesser materials.

The SX-50 is also perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor pools; it is highly resistant to the sun. Additionally, the block’s strong structure is able to endure standard wear and tear from competitive swimming and crowded swimming facilities well past the industry standard.

Durable, Industry-First Carbon Fibre Construction
Carbon fibre is an extremely durable material; in part because of it’s organic strength and flexible nature. The SX-50 takes the best of both of these qualities and ensures longevity of life for one of the most durable starting blocks on the market.

Flexible Locking System
The SX-50 is easily removable. It also comes custom fitted with Swimplex’s locking sliding system to ensure ease of access and unprecedented flexibility around the pool. This mechanism provides a stable composition so that swimmers using the SX-50 can focus on their starting form, rather than needing to balance.

Elegant And Ergonomic Integrated Handle
A carbon fibre handle is installed on every block to provide swimmers with easier access to the water and aid in starting positions for advanced strokes. What’s more, the SX-50’s handle has been completely redesigned in order to offer maximum ergonomic value when used. The overall look of this handle brings a distinguished, instantly recognisable aesthetic to both the starting block and the pool it is fitted to.

A Design Ahead Of Its Time
In a sea of uniform, faded white starting blocks, the SX-50 rises from water like a monolith of futuristic design; there is nothing else like it on the market. Premium carbon fibre material. Sharp, modern form. A design of unprecedented quality that instantly catches the eye. This starting block features a glossy black surface, accentuated by tasteful yellow outline and high visibility numbers for each block. The SX-50 doesn’t just give your swimmers the perfect start; it’s the first black starting block on the market that looks good while doing it, too.

  • Carbon Fibre Construction

  • Good Design Award® Winner 2020

  • Smooth Guided Adjustable Track System

  • Integral Carbon Fibre Launch Handle

  • No Equipotential Bonding Required

  • Fina Complaint

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Starting Platform - SX-50 Carbon Fibre
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