• Starting Platform Anti 650 MTS
  • Starting Platform Anti 650 MTS - Removable
  • Starting Platform Anti 650 with Thermocoated Backstroke Bar
  • Starting Platform Anti 650 with Trackstart Under Block
  • Adjustable TrackStart
  • Shown with SafeStart Handles
  • Non-Slip TruTreadâ„¢
  • Removable Locking Device

Starting Platform - Anti 650 Launch

The Anti 650 Launch has an adjustable Trackstart making it an an excellent training block.
Fibreglass construction with a movable Trackstart. The Trackstart can be removed when not in use or tucked under the block.
There is an access panel at the rear to allow access to the fixing bolts or timing equipment.
It has a durable non-slip TruTread™ top.
Fitted with a stainless steel backstroke bar.
Available in fixed or removable versions.
Anchors & earthing cable are included. If earthing is not possible, *encasing the backstroke bar with white Thermocoat, a composite material is available.
(*Thermocoat encasing is not available for re-movable block)
SafeStart handles are sold separately.
Compliant with FINA starting platform guidelines FR2.7.

Delivery Time - Subject to availability.

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Download PDFAnti 650 Starting Platform Data Sheet
Download PDFAnti 650 Starting Platform Diagram
Download PDFQuick Release Anchor for Removable Block
Download PDFStarting Block Care & Maintenance


Which one is right for me
The starting platform must physically fit the coping / concourse. There is the coping height, coping width and water depth issues to address. Regulatory guidelines for competition and recreational swimming may also need to be observed. We can help choose the platform right for you. We need coping width, coping height from concourse, coping height from water level and water depth before we can recommend a platform that will suit your requirements.

Starting Platform Anti 650 MTS - 400 mm
Starting Platform Anti 650 MTS - 400 mm - Removable
Thermocoat Composite Encased Backstroke Bar
SafeStart Handles
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