• SpillSmart Spill Bund
  • A Large SpillSmart Spill Bund
  • Suitable for bunding vehicles

SpillSmart Spill Bund

SpillSmart Spill Bunds provide cost-effective temporary storage for liquids and chemicals whilst containing potential spills and leaks. These bunds are exceptionally easy to transport, store, clean, reuse and require no assembly.
Suitable for retail outlets for the storage of chemicals on the shop floor including Liquid Chlorine and Acid.
Of course bunded separately.
Vehicles including forklifts and trucks can access the bund from all four sides instantly without the driver leaving the vehicle. High quality memory foam ensures the 100mm side walls spring right back into place after being depressed during access.
These Bunds have multiple fabric options to suit a wide range of site requirements and can be custom made to your specification.
Larger bunds for vehicles are also available.

- Instant access for vehicles
- 100mm side walls to maximise capacity and remain forklift friendly
- Easy to transport store and clean
- Custom sizing available 
- 3 quality fabric options available (PVC suitable for corrosive liquids)
- Made in Australia

SpillSmart Spill Bund - 60cm x 60m x 10cm (approx. 36 ltr Capacity)
SpillSmart Spill Bund - 1.0m x 1.0m x 10cm (approx. 100 ltr Capacity)
SpillSmart Spill Bund - 1.2m x 1.2m x 10cm (approx. 144 ltr Capacity)
SpillSmart Spill Bund - 1.0m x 1.5m x 10cm (approx. 180 ltr Capacity)
SpillSmart Spill Bund - Custom Size
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