• Suction Cleaning Unit with Filter
  • Suction Cleaning Unit without Filter

Portable Suction Cleaning Unit

The portable suction unit is extremely quiet, economical to run & designed to suit either 40 mm or 50 mm commercial vac hose by using hose fittings. There are two models to choose from, with or without filter. Both units have an GT1200 1200 watt self priming high volume flow rate pump (1 H.P) & a giant plastic removable basket with a clear lid, mounted on a 316 stainless steel trolley fitted with large pneumatic go anywhere tyres. The filter is a C75 cartridge Available in three phase power options on request.

If purchasing the unit for the first time, vac head, additional hoses & fittings are required to set the unit up for either 40mm or 50mm vacuum hose.

Portable Suction Cleaning Unit without Filter
Portable Suction Cleaning Unit with Filter
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