• Portable Mini Scoreboard LPT
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  • Tii Pod used with the Mini Scoreboard
  • Dolphin Scoreboard Adaptor

Portable Mini Scoreboard LPT

The Portable Mini LED Scoreboard provides the same information as two lines from the LED Scoreboard at a quarter of the size. These scoreboards are an excellent solution for clubs and smaller facilities who wish to display the race results. When connected to the Dolphin Scoreboard Adaptor, data from the Dolphin Wireless System is directly transmitted to and displayed on the Portable Mini Scoreboard.
Top line with 6 digits to display Event/Heat and bottom line with 10 digits for lane, place, and time.
Times will scroll throught from lanes 1 to 10.
Battery also acts as a back up power source if the power cord is disconnected.

Included is a carry handle set of legs to sit on a table or similar. Can be mounted on top of the tri-pod, wall with mounting brackets or mounted on a Scoreboard Caddy to display up to 10 lanes.

Dolphin Scoreboard Adaptor is also required to use with the Dolphin Timing System (Sold separately ) 

Brand: Colorado
Dimensions: 1219 x 349 x 102 mm (W x H x D)
Viewing Distance Over 50 m
Digit Height: 127 mm (5”)
Data Connection: Wireless transmission from Dolphin base to Dolphin Scoreboard Adapter connected to the scoreboard
Multiple Modules: 2DC data cables
Data Source: Dolphin software, System 6, System 5 and System 4000
Power Source: 240V transformers to 24V DC / Battery
IP53 Rating
Warranty: 2 years (excluding battery)

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Portable Mini Scoreboard
Dolphin Scoreboard Adaptor
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