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Pool Blankets - Commercial Foam/Thermal

Made from 4.5mm thick, crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam. This foam consists of 3 layers; with the foam flame bonded each side to a UV (Ultra Violet) stabilised woven PE (Polyethylene) Canvacon material. Excellent heat retention with Thermal Resistance (R Value) 0.13 m2/Kw.
The closed cell foam layer provides excellent insulation and water repellence properties is resistant to chemical degradation, while the outer woven layers gives the pool cover its superior strength and durability.
The composite is free of heavy metals, plasticisers and CFCs and has a working temperature range of -40C degrees to +70C degrees.

Blankets come complete with full edge binding, end reinforcing, & haul cords are installed onto the blanket. 
Covered by a manufactures 8 year pro-rata warranty. Thermal Foam covers come complete with full edge binding or wind skirt options (for outdoor pools), roller end reinforcing harness and a haul cord, flotation leading end and if needed Piggy-Back (for multiple covers onto single roller) at no cost.
Exact pool measurements, roller attachment points & any intrusions into the water will need to be supplied prior to manufacture.

Commercial Foam/Thermal Pool Blankets
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