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pH / Cond. / TDS / Salinity / Temp Tester

The Ionix PC5 is a multi parameter instrument that tests pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity (Salt) and Temperature. This is a durable instrument with an easy grip designed to keep it in your hand and not in the pool. It comes with a lanyard for convenience but if it goes into the drink retrieval will be easy as it floats and is water-proof and dust-proof with a rating to IP67.

Presing the "Mode" button allows you to choose a parameter you want to test and display along with the temperature reading on the large STN screen with a 180° viewing angle. The LCD display has a colour coded backlight feature indicating the function being performed.
Blue - Measurement being taken
Green - Calibration
Red - Alarm

Testing can be done with the use of the cap as a testing vial or using the dipping method. When a stable result is achieved a happy face symbol is displayed.
It has a  long lasting electrode with polymer reference electrolye fitted.

Replacing batteries is easy using four standard "AAA" batteries, the unit has a battery level indicator with a flashing icon when the batteries need to be replaced. It has an "Auto Off" function saving battery power after inactivity of 8 minutes.
Recharable batteries can be used with this unit.

The Ionix PC5 tester is supplied in a premium carry case with lanyard, batteries, calibration standards and instructions.

Model:                    ORP5
LCD Display:          Dual - pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature
pH Range:             -2.00 - 14.00 pH
pH Resolution:       0.01 pH
pH Accuracy:         ± 0.01 pH
Salinity Range:      0.0 - 10.000 p.p.t. (Reading x 1000 = p.p.m.)
TDS Range:          0-1000.0ppm, 0-1000ppm, 0-10.00ppt (Reading x 1000 = p.p.m.)
                              TDS Factor 0.40-1.00
Cond. Range:        0-200.0 µS, 0-2000 µS, 0-20.00mS
Cond. Resolution:  0.1/1 µS, 0.01 mS
Cond. Accuracy:    ± 1% Full Scale
Temp Range:         0 to 50° C
Temp Accuracy:     ± 0.5 °C
Calibration:            1-3 point Auto
Auto-Off:                After 8 minutes of inactivity
User Reset:           Yes
ATC:                       No
Hold:                      When “Auto Hold” Activated
Auto Stable:           Icon displays when stable
Self Diagnostic:      Message codes
Battery Indicator:    Yes
IP Rating:               IP67 Water-proof and Dust-proof
Batteries:                DC 3V 4 x AAA
Battery Life:            >200 hrs
Included:                Instrument, Premium Carry Case, Lanyard, Calibrations Standards, Batteries and Instructions
Instrument Size:      178 x 40 x 44 mm
Weight:                    135 g
Case Size:              255 x 215 x 50 mm
Case Weight:          785 g
Warranty:                One year warranty against manufacturing defects

Ionix PC5 Tester - pH / Cond. / TDS / Salt / Temperature
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