• Pelican Lift - Basic
  • Pelican Lift with 150kg Wheelchair
  • Pelican Lift with 200kg Wheelchair High Spa
  • Pelican Lift with 200kg Wheelchair
  • Pelican Lift with Sling High Spa
  • Pelican Lift with Seat
  • Pelican Lift with Wheelchair Platform
  • Pelican Lift Wheelchair - Front
  • Pelican Lift Wheelchair - Rear

Pelican Pool and Spa Lift

The Pelican Lift is designed and manufactured in Australia, and tested in accordance with ASA 3581, the Pelican Pool & Spa Lift allows a person with any disability to have access to both above and below ground spas, swimming and hydrotherapy pools – without any manual lifting. It is suitable for use in public pools, leisure centres, private homes, nursing homes and schools. The lift complies with Disability Discrimination Act (Access to Premises – Buildings) under the Building Code of Australia. The unit has many options to choose that can fully customise to your needs. Available in many colours to fit in with the surroundings.

What's Included:
Manual Rotation Lift - Anchors for one location, Lifting Hanger, Battery, Hand Control and Cover. Options are added fo the basic package.

What options do I need?
1. First choose the basic package lift with a maximum weight it may have to lift. up to 150kg or up to 200kg.
2. Choose Seating Options
3. Does my Seating Option require anything additional? e.g. Release Adaptor if I want to interchange the Solid Plastic Seat with Sling and / or Wheelchair.
4. Do I want a fully powered unit option? (Yes, if you do not have another person to assist you rotate the lift and you're unable to do it yourself.)
5. Add everything together for your customised lift.

Mobile or fixed permanently at the edge of the pool or spa and is easily installed on the pool deck by a handy person / tradesperson. Anchored to pool deck with Stainless Steel anchors and eye bolts.
IMPORTANT: To safely install the Pelican Pool and Spa Lift you will need a solid concrete pad to anchor it to.

Concrete Pad:
It is recommend that approximately 1/3 of cubic metres of concrete is used when pouring your pad. This can be made up as a logical size, for example: 1000 x 1000 x 300 or 650 x 650 x 650. The ideal location is placed up against the pool edge.

Anchoring the lift to the Concrete Pad:
We provide 100mm anchors as standard which have the receiver for the eye bolts. This will secure the 450mm Pelican Pool Hoist base. It’s highly recommended to use a minimum of 20MPa concrete strength.

As per AS3000 of the wiring rules standards – “In certain circumstances” it may be necessary to have all conductive metal objects equally potentially bonded (earthed), this includes Pool Hoists. We recommend you seek the advice and opinion of a qualified electrician.

Lifting Capacity - 150kg or 200kg
Power Options - Up/Down with manual Left and Right or Fully Motorised Up/Down/Left/Right
Anchoring - Mobile or Fixed Permanently
Seating - Fixed Plastic Chair, Sling Harness, Strengthened 150/200 kg Wheelchair or Wheelchair Platform
Spinal Board Attachment

Easily wheeled from one area to another for multiple use and or storage (Mobile Unit)
No manual lifting required
Press button hand switch operation
Standard lifting capacity 150kg and 200kg
Cover included
Easily installed

Safe Working Load: 150kg and 200kg
Batteries: Linak – 24v re-chargeable battery
- Manual – 360 degrees
- Power rotation available
Total Weight: From 60 kg depending of options
Floor Mounting Plate: 450 diameter
Construction: Stainless Steel, Powder Coated to colour of choice
Hand control: Linak - Push Button
Installation: Anchored to pool deck with Stainless Steel anchors and eye bolts

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Download PDFPelican Pool Lift Info
Download PDFPelican Pool Lift Full Info Pack
Download PDFPelican Pool Lift Measuring Guide & Colour Chart
- Basic Lift Package:
Pelican Lift 150kg - Manual Rotation - Fixed/Mobile (Anchors, Lifting Hanger, Battery, Hand Control and Cover)
Pelican Lift 200kg - Manual Rotation - Fixed/Mobile (Anchors, Lifting Hanger, Battery, Hand Control and Cover)
- Seating Options:
150/200kg Floating Sling (3 sizes) up to 200kg
150/200kg Plastic Seat with Twin Arms (Release Adaptor may also be required)
150kg Standard Wheelchair strengthened frame and straps (includes lap belt)
200kg Bariatric Wheelchair - 540mm wide seat strengthened frame and straps (includes lap belt)
200kg Wheelchair Platform with Twin Arm (Must be used with 200kg lift, Power Rotation Unit and Release Adaptor all sold separately)
- Power Options:
150/200kg Power Rotation Unit (Allows full control of lift movement)
150/200kg Release Adaptor (Needed if interchanging Solid Plastic Seat with Sling and /or Wheelchair, includes lifting hanger)
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