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  • Lane Anchor Overflow Kit
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Lane Rope Anchor Overflow Kit

This product has been designed for swimming pools with overflow guttering where a wall anchor or post type lane rope anchor is not suitable.

A typical install has the anchor positioned bewteen the gutter and pool wall. An extender rod is inserted into the anchor which extends over the finger grip tiles to the water where the lane rope is attached.
The extender rod has a nylon cover to prevent damage to tiles.
The rod can be removed when lane ropes are not being used.
An earthing screw is fitted.

The anchor and extender rod are stainless steel with a vinyl covered finish.

Brand: SRS
Material: Stainless steel / Vinyl covered
Rod Sizes: 140mm or 200mm

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Download PDFOverflow Anchor Button Diagram
Download PDFOverflow Anchor Rod - 145 mm Diagram
Download PDFOverflow Anchor Rod - 205 mm Diagram
Download PDFChem Set Anchor Diagram
Download PDFSRS Lane Ropes Catalogue 2019
Lane Anchor Overflow Kit S/S - 140mm
Lane Anchor Overflow Kit S/S - 200mm
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