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Lane Divider - TurnMaster Club

To be the best, you’ve got to train better than the rest!

The TurnMaster Club design sets new performance and innovation benchmarks to take training crucial race skills to the next level. Emphasise how you train your teams’ underwaters, turns and breakouts in a controlled, measurable environment to see the progression with these skills over time. Utilise the most of your lane space by using the TurnMaster Club to divide two squads in the same lane.

The TurnMaster Club has been tried and tested by the best athletes in the world and is now available to help your team become the best in your region for underwaters, turns and breakouts!

Product Design Features:
Optimal Dimensions: 2.5m wide and 1.15m high to suit most standard lanes.

Eco Friendly: Crafted from recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the TurnMaster Club aligns with environmentally conscious practises. This not only provides a safe and durable training tool but also has a commitment to sustainability.

Easy to Move: Designed with practicality in mind, the TurnMaster Club has big handles and wide wheels to facilitate safe and effortless manoeuvring whether you are by yourself or have helpers.

Durable Construction: The seamless design prevents splitting points from forming. The hollow construction with drainage ports allows water to enter and exit, maintaining stability in the water as well as quick set-up and pack-up.

Quality Fittings: Stainless-steel flush fittings that are resistant to rust. Screws are embedded into the TurnMaster Club so there is no protrusion, which will protect your swimmers, pool tiles and surroundings.

UV Protected: UV stabilised which will help protect it from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. This feature extends the lifetime of the product, preserving the products appearance and giving peace of mind with providing consistent performances for years. Storing equipment out of the sun is the best way to extend the life of any product.

Non-Slip Push-Off Surface: The non-slip PVC board provides a stable and powerful launch zone, offering athletes an excellent foundation for driving off. The addition of the grip sticker means your athletes will never slip, getting a good push off every time.

Longevity: Easily replaceable parts are available. All brackets, lane rope stabilisers and the grip sticker are easily replaceable so you can keep using this superior training tool for many years, if not decades.

Enhance Speed Efficiency: With big movements in the sprint revolution, this training tool can be used to break your pool into shorter distances which makes it easier for your athlete to focus on the task at hand. Coaches and swimmers can become more specific with underwater training sets or hyper focussed turns at speeds above race pace and under pressure.

Improve Underwater and Breakout Ability: With underwaters being the all-important fifth stroke, the TurnMaster Club provides a short set point to work to while adding in power. Having a highly visible object to aim for will help improve the timing and transition of their breakouts.

Turn Efficiency: Using the TurnMaster Club with specific targeted training, your athletes will refine their turn efficiency, enabling them to shave off precious seconds. Having a designated grip pad forces swimmers to focus on precisions during their turns, by using their proprioception of the different surfaces.

Maximise Lane Space: Placing the TurnMaster Club at half was you can distinctively separate two squads, allowing for more groups in the water at once!

Ways to use:
Group Training: Utilise the TurnMaster Club to separate two or more groups by setting up at halfway. This allows for simultaneous, focused training which optimises your time and space.

Specificity Work: Set up anywhere to work on custom distances depending on your athletes needs. No two people are the same, so why should they train the same?

Breakout Timing: Set up 15m to work on breakout timing. Work your athletes on their underwater and finishing with one stroke to become a breakout beast!

Efficiency Challenge: Install at 12.5m and aim to get there and back in the least number of kicks and/or strokes, while being timed!

Turn Challenge: Place at 10m to work your athletes turns and underwater capacity. Push off the wall, working underwater then with no strokes, perform a turn and proceed back to the wall underwater trying to do as many turns as possible without needing a breath. Another great way to have friendly competition between athletes.

User-friendly installation process:
Quick Setup: With two people, the turn master can be set up in a matter of minutes. Simply wheel the TurnMaster Club along to your desired distance.

Placement: Drop the TurnMaster Club into the water and position it across the lane.

Attachment: Push down the bottom side of the TurnMaster Club with your legs while holding the handle at the top. Once vertical, attach the hooks to the wire of the lane rope with a disc in between. Then loosely hook the clasp a handful of lane rope discs away.

Adjustment: If you need to adjust the positioning of the TurnMaster Club, simply slide along the lane line, or for bigger movements unhook one side and re-position on another disc.

Securing: Once you are happy with the positioning of the TurnMaster Club in the water, tighten and fasten the straps ensuring that all four straps are tightened equally. Then loop the elastic around the hooks. This will ensure the TurnMaster Club remains in place during intense push-offs.

Removal: To remove the TurnMaster Club from the water, simply loosen the straps and detach from the lane rope. Push it to the side of the pool, with handles closest to the edge. Slowly lift out to all drainage of water making it as light as possible before wheeling back to your storage location.

Additional Info;
Replaceable Parts: The TurnMaster Club is designed with longevity in mind. However, when replacement parts are required, contact us and we’ll be able to keep your team moving.

2500 x 1150 mm (L x H)

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TurnMaster Club Lane Divider - 2.5m
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