• Lane Divider
  • Increased Lane Space
  • Used for Training
  • Straps & Cleats to suit Wet Deck Pools

Lane Divider - Turn Master Pro

The Turnmaster Pro is an incredibly stable temporary wall to push off from, able to withstand the impact of race speed. The Turn Master Pro has been developed to maximise lane space, creating a distinction between teaching and training areas. Placed anywhere along a wave breaking lane ropes or attach to a wet deck. (Straps & Cleats to suit wet deck Pools is required)

Coaches and Teachers have less public interference during peak times of lane usage.
Transform swimming pools in any length for short course training. Use as a tool for your elite swimmers to perfect their turn.
The unique clipping system means it only takes 1 - 2 minutes to install or remove and when out of the pool the Turn Master Pro can be wheeled around for easy storage. Made of Vinyl Ester chlorine resistant fibreglass

Fits lanes from 2 m to 2.5 m
2.05 m @ 30 kg
2.2 m @ 33 kg
2.35 m @ 36 kg
2.50 m @ 40 kg
1.22 m (H)

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Lane Divider Turn Master Pro - 2.05 m
Lane Divider Turn Master Pro - 2.2 m
Lane Divider Turn Master Pro - 2.35 m
Lane Divider Turn Master Pro - 2.5 m
Straps & Cleats to suit Wet Deck Pools
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