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  • Granudos CPR Touch XL-2S Controller
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Granudos CPR Touch XL-2S Controller

The CPR Touch XL-2S Controller is ideal commercial pools, where a reliable dependable compliance of water quality is required. Measurements of free chlorine, pH-value, redox/ORP & temperature are handled by the system. Stable & reliable measurement are due to large, self cleaning chlorine & redox electrodes. Operation & visualisation via user-friendly 7“ Touch-Graphic display ensures easy operation. Each system is delivered individually tested & completely pre-mounted on a board. This ensures easy & quick installation.

Control techniques:
• Coloured 7” Touch-Graphic display to indicate the current data & status of unit
• Faults & alarms are illustrated by self-explaining icons
• All control parameters are adjustable to ensure optimal pool conditions
• Integrated test programmes for all functions
• Proportional control characteristic to ensure compliance with the selected set points
• Start-up automatic with pH preference dosing
• Input for external release, shock chlorination & ECO mode
• Alarm relay with non-volt changeover contact

Interface: Modbus TCP, USB for data export
Remote indication: The measuring values, the current status, faults and alarms can be remote indicated by every browser driven device (e.g. computer or smartphone)

Measuring cell:
• Compact acrylic glass block to take the electrodes, flow regulator & sample water valve. Pressure resistant design for measuring water recirculation
• pH-electrode with high reliability reference system
• REDOX electrode with large & self-cleaning platinum round plate
• Free chlorine electrode consisting of a large & self-cleaning surface round gold plate & counter electrode with reference system Ag/AgCl
• Temperature sensor for temperature measurement
• Sample water valve

Dosing techniques:
• Dosing with self-priming peristaltic dosing pumps
• Dosing of disinfection & pH-control chemicals directly into measuring water after measuring cell
• Controls Salt/Mineral Systems

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CPR Touch XL-2S Controller - Liquid
CPR Touch XL-2S Controller - Elektrolyse (salt/mineral)
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