• BioHazard Spill Kit - Multi Use

BioSmart BioHazard Spill Kit - Multi Use

BioHazard body fluid spills can happen anytime, anywhere and in any industry. Clean-up response needs to happen fast and safely. It may be an unpleasant process however, no one can afford the risk of viruses, bacteria or disease spreading or risk receiving an infection. BioSmart Multi-Use BioHazard Spill Kits have been designed for the safe clean-up and removal of urine, vomit, blood, saliva and faeces. The spill kit contains premium quality components contained in a heavy duty PVC bag offering multiple applications or for locations with larger spills. The kit provides Clear Directions, Personal Protective equipment, pH Neutral Detergent, Absorbent Cloths, Clinical Waste Bags, Disinfectant Wipes together with two 500 g Jars of BioSmart Premium Absorbent containing Zeolite for a thorough clean up. This BioSmart BioHazard Spill Kit is not just a ‘Multi-Use’ kit but a ‘Multi-Purpose’ kit also. Use BioSmart Premium Absorbent powder to clean up other messy spills including cooking oils, food spills, detergents, and chemicals.

- BioSmart Premium Absorbent Powder containing Zeolite for safe removal of the biohazard
- Clear directions to safely remove the biohazard
- P.P.E. provided in kits
- BioSmart Biohazard Premium Spill Kit is supplied in a quality reusable Heavy Duty PVC spill kit bag

1 x PVC Spill Kit Bag + Sticker
1 x Instruction Sheet
5 x Face Mask & Eye Protection
5 x Protective Apron
5 x Pair of Protective Gloves
2 x 500g BioSmart Premium Body Fluid Absorbent
     (including Zeolite with added odour control)
5 x Scoop & Scraper
10 x Yellow Clinical Waste Bag
10 x Cable Tie
2 x BioSmart pH Neutral Detergent
10 x Absorbent Cleaning Cloth
10 x Antiseptic Towelette

BioSmart BioHazard Spill Kit - Multi Use
BioSmart BioHazard Spill Kit - Multi Use Refill
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