• ActiveEco ActiRevenge 5ltr
  • ActiveEco ActiRevenge 15ltr

ActiveEco ActiRevenge

ActiveEco ActiRevenge is a heavy duty cleaner specifically formulated to remove tea staining, welding burns, oxidising, rust stains, mineral salt deposits, diesel fumes, grease & corrosion common to stainless steel and other surfaces exposed to the elements.
It chemically brightens the stainless steel or aluminium surfaces to a ‘like new’ state and is suited to most painted surfaces.

  • Removes Staining
  • Removes Corrosion
  • Brightens Finish

Perfect for use by Fabricators, Commercial Businesses, Marine Industries, Commercial Kitchens, and provides exceptional cleaning for Internal and External Structures, Food Storage Tanks, Railings, Balustrades and other metal cleaning.

Size: 5 ltr, 15 ltr

Directions of Use:
1. Use undiluted for stubborn stains or dilute 1 part ActiveEco ActiRevenge with 15 parts water.
2. Apply solution with a brush or sponge. Work from the bottom to the top on vertical surfaces.
3. Allow 10 -20minutes reaction time.
4. Agitate stubborn deposits.
5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water
ActiveEco ActiRevenge can be diluted to 1:100 for maintenance cleaning.

For Professional Use Only – ActiveEco ActiRevenge is not to be handled by any person not trained in its safe and correct use.

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for sensitivity to chemicals.

ActiveEco ActiRevenge is corrosive and appropriate care should be exercised including the use of suitable protective gloves, goggles and protective clothing and warning signage.

Read and understand the MSDS before use.

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ActiveEco ActiRevenge 5 ltr
ActiveEco ActiRevenge 15 ltr
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