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Why use a copper based algaecide?
IQ have a number of algaecides at your disposal to remove and prevent algae in you pool.

When coming into the cooler months with the pool in less demand, an ideal product to prevent your customers pool from the growth of algae is by using IQ Blackspot Treatment & Winteriser, a high strength copper based algaecide.

What are the benefits of adding copper to water?

Copper based algaecides are known to be a destroyer against varying forms of algae. It can also be used as an effective algaestat to maintain and hinder algae blooms for longer periods of time. The reason for this is that copper is only depleted when it is doing its job (destroying algae), backwashing and/or splash out.

What should I be aware of when using copper based algaecides?

Copper based algaecides are one of the best algae prevention plans you can offer your customers. However, some people steer away from using the product as one of the most common fears of using a high strength copper based algaecide is the potential for staining to occur. The easy way to prevent this from happening is to simply keep the pool water in balance.

When staining does occur, it can often be linked to high pH or Alkalinity so it is essential for the pH to remain below 7.6, the alkalinity is no greater than 160mg/l and the copper level remains below 1mg/l. If all water balance parameters are adhered then there is no risk of staining.

We would recommend that Cal hypo NOT be used as a shock treatment when using a copper based algaecide. This is because a rapid pH change can also cause staining. Our suggestion would be to use Shock n Swim as your replacement product.
Remember, a small amount goes a long way. If you follow the dosage rate for a 50,000L pool you would only add 200ml and the copper level will only rise by approximately 0.5ppm.

How do I use a copper based algaecide?

Before adding any copper based algaecide it is important to conduct a water test and balance all parameters. Remember to test for a copper level to ensure that you will not raise the level above 1mg/L.

When all water balance parameters check out ok, simply broadcast the product evenly around the pool and continue filtration as per normal.

In Summary
IQ’s Blackspot Treatment & Winteriser is an ideal product to place in your customers pool to provide them with an algae prevention plan. Just like adding any chemical to the water you should be aware of all current chemical levels in the pool so you do not use the product incorrectly.

For more information please contact your local IQ Distributor or Account Manager.