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Crypto On The Rise - 04.12.15

The NSW Health Department has provided a warning to the public that there has been "a surge in the number of cryptosporidiosis cases in November, which has prompted health officials to warn people who have had diarrhoea to stay away from swimming pools, which have harboured infections triggering previous outbreaks. Notifications of cryptosporidiosis more than tripled between October and November, from 41 cases to 131 cases - the largest percentage increase in two years."
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The accepted solution to combating Cryptosporidium in the past has to been to treat the pool water with high doses of chlorine. The NSW Health Department Crypotsporidium Notification Response plan recommends raising the free chlorine level to about 20 ppm of chlorine and to hold this level for up to 13 hours (recommended treatment varies from State to State) which will achieve a CT value of  >15000. Obviously the pools have to be closed during this period causing substantial inconvenience and economic losses.
An alternative method now recommended by most Australian Health departments and many authorities around the world is to treat the water with Chlorine Dioxide.
NSW Health Department recommends using Chlorine Dioxide at a CT Value of just 70 which means achieving a Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)  level of just 1ppm and holding this for 70 minutes.
There are various methods of creating Chlorine Dioxide in pool water but one of the simplest and safest method is by the use of IQ C-5 Tablets.
IQ’s C-5 tablet is a simple to use ‘peel and pop’ tablet that can be applied directly into the water. The tablet activates instantly in the water and is extremely safe as no mixing of chemicals is required. Dose calculations are simple. Just add 1 x 100 gram tablet per 10000 litres of water to achive a CLO2 level of 1ppm.
The benefits for the swimming pool and its operators are extensive, including:
·         Reduced pool closure time saving huge amounts in loss of revenue
·         Removes any OH&S concerns being a safe handling product with no mixing of chemicals required
·         Ensures healthy water free of bacteria providing piece of mind to all operators
·         Shock dosing at 1ppm, removing any need for neutralisation
·         Recognised by Australian Health Departments
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