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Celebrating 120 Years of History and 80 years in the pool industry.
The Oldest Existing Aquatic Business in Australia!

This year Pierce celebrates it’s 120th birthday, with 80 of those in the pool industry. This make it’s the oldest existing aquatic business in Australian history. A record that is close to the minds and hearts of all its team members and distributions partners.
David Lloyd, Managing Director of IQ and Pierce Pool Supplies states “this is a special birthday for us all, and I am so proud that Pierce Pool Supplies continues to thrive and evolve in the commercial aquatic space”.
Lloyd continues to say, “feeding a business to sustain it’s presence and growth, I think, affords a company some well-earned bragging rights! I couldn’t be happier when I look back on the company’s history and all the people that have contributed to our time in market. I would like to give a special and sincere thank you to all our ongoing loyal customers, as our existence is only here because of your support.”

The Story of Pierce:
In 1898 Albert Henry Pierce established the company of A.H Pierce as a supplier of a wide variety of products to councils and retail stores throughout NSW.

In 1938 the government, in an attempt to get over the Great Depression, loaned large sums of money to municipal and shire councils to invest in infrastructure projects such as sewerage plants and public swimming pools. The company of A.H Pierce (later to become known as Pierce Pool Supplies) started importing dry chlorine powder for use in sewerage plants and swimming pools.

In those days little was known about how to treat swimming pool water and many problems were encountered by the pool operators. Harold Pierce, who had taken over the company when his father died, was regularly travelling throughout the country and supplying the councils and pools. He became quite an expert in both sewerage and pool treatment. Harold became the conduit for passing information throughout the pool industry on how to treat these public pools. He eventually encouraged the formation of what is now known as the ARI (Australian Recreational Institute) and was the foundation patron of this organisation. Pierce went on to develop and supply a wide range of products which were used in public pools. The A.H Pierce company remained in the families’ hands until 2008 when it was purchased by International Quadratics Pty Ltd. As IQ’s commercial pool division, Pierce Pool Supplies continues to service and supply the public pool industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. It continues the legacy of Harold Pierce of offering not just products but expert advice and training to the public pool industry and also continues to develop new problem solving chemicals and hardware.