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C-5 Tablets Launch - 02.04.15

IQ launches a revolutionary tablet to kill crypto and other water related bacteria.
The breakthrough product that all commercial swimming pool facilities have been waiting for has finally arrived. A simple to use ‘peel and pop’ tablet is now all you need to protect swimmers against bacteria and kill fast when it strikes.
Eddie Lloyd, marketing director of IQ and Pierce Pool Supplies, states that “Cryptosporidium and other water related bacteria has been a critical talking point for all commercial swimming pool operators over recent years. There have been a number of treatment methods put forth to minimise risk to swimmers and particular operational methods put in play to remove bacteria when it occurs. Until now, all of these methods have been highly inefficient, costing facilities an enormous amount of time and money.”
IQ and Pierce Pool Supplies have revolutionised these tiresome methods with their new C-5 Tablet. The product provides facilities and operators with a hassle free treatment for cryptosporidium and other water based bacteria.
The C-5 tablet is a simple to use ‘peel and pop’ tablet that can be applied directly into the water for either a maintenance dose or bacteria treatment. The tablet activates instantly in the water and is extremely safe as no mixing of chemicals is required.
The benefits for the swimming pool and its operators are extensive, including:
-  Reduced pool closure time saving huge amounts in loss of revenue
-  Ensures healthy water free of bacteria providing piece of mind to all operators
-  Removes any OH&S concerns being a safe handling product with no mixing of chemicals required
-  Shock dosing at 1ppm, removing any need for neutralisation
-  Recognised by Australian Health Departments
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact International Quadratics Pty Ltd or their distribution partners.