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Bush Fires, Water Restrictions and Swimming Pools - 04.12.19

Bush Fires, Water Restrictions and Swimming Pools​

As we are all aware of the current bush fire issues around Australia, pool owners and pool service businesses alike should be aware of the issues this can cause swimming pools. Coupled with the water restrictions that are in place, it is also wise for us all to take preventative care to limit water wastage.

During bush fire, the fall out that can occur at this disastrous time such as ash and embers, all play havoc with the water chemistry of swimming pools. Even the heavy smoke cover from bush fires that move around to larger areas will torment water balance. You are likely to witness cloudy water and much higher phosphates levels, which in turn could result in an algae bloom.

This much higher level of Phosphates can come for several sources. A little from smoke and ash, some from soil dust from windstorms, and significant amounts from the aerial bombardment of fire retardants, which contain high concentrations of phosphates.

Now is a timely reminder on what steps should be considered to treat and protect pool water.

01 Firstly, it is important to test and balance the pool water and make sure all skimmer and pump baskets are clean of leaves and debris. (You can read about 'testing' for phosphates in a blog release by LaMotte Pacific, featured in our 'News' page).

02 If the pool water is found to be slightly cloudy, the use of IQ Super Clear in conjunction with good filtration, will rectify this problem quickly.

03 If the pool water is found to have a heavier load of ash and debris, the use of IQ Fast Floc or IQ Pool Floc will be required. Remember to increase the pH when using Flocs and follow the instructions of use.

04 Treat the pool water with a shock treatment of chlorine using IQ Ezy Chlor or IQ Shock & Swim, this will assist in breaking down organic matter in the water and assist in killing off bacteria and algae spores.

NOTE: It is recommended that a phosphate test be performed and if a reading of phosphates is found in the pool water a treatment of IQ Nil Phos PLUS should be used. It is then recommended to retest the pool water and adjust as required for a healthy balanced swimming pool.

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